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Join the lawn care revolution. Take advantage of our robotic lawn mowing services to have a 24/7 perfect lawn, preserve planetary resources, and create jobs with a living wage in our industry.

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Benefits of Automowing

Our robotic mowers supplement our lawn maintenance teams. The automower mows every day and keeps your lawn at the ideal height. The automowers work silently, remove 1/10th of an inch of blade tips every day. Our team will still string trim, edge, weed, prune and blow the hard surfaces. Our mowers stay at your property. The automowers are our property and we install them for free. The installation includes burying a boundary wire similar to a dog fence wire and a docking station where the mower will return to charge.

The automowers are our property and we build the cost into your lawn maintenance monthly fee. In some cases robotic mowing is cheaper than weekly conventional mowing because it is more efficient. We service the mowers, change blades, and update the software.

Imagine having a perfect lawn everyday as your robotic mower silently grooms your lawn.

  • Promotes a healthier lawn
  • 24/7 perfect lawn
  • Prevents noise and emissions pollution
  • Lightweight footprint never damages turf
  • Theft proof GPS tracking
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Our crews control when, where, and how it cuts
  • Works no matter the weather
  • More efficient maintenance from our crews


Automowers use about $1-2 a month in electricity. They are silent unlike combustion gas mowers. They can mow in the rain. And they are lightweight and do not damage lawns


The battery powered automower gives your lawn a consistently beautiful appearance while preventing noise and pollution.


Automowers provide a 24/7 perfect lawn with daily robotic mowing. Our teams supplement the robotic mowers with trimming, edging, blowing, pruning and weeding.

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